Personalized Nutrition Counseling: Sessions with a registered dietitian jam packed with useful tips you can incorporate into your daily routine immediately. Prior to the sessions, you will have the opportunity to share your current food habits so that the guidance provided is further customized. Package deals available for multiple sessions. Focus areas: pregnancy nutrition, postpartum nutrition, weight loss, nutrition for South Asians.

Supermarket Tour: Half-hour tour with a registered dietitian at your local supermarket. This tour is a great primer for anyone trying to make better choices in the grocery store. Learn how to compare foods, spot healthy items, and avoid pitfalls while shopping. By the end of this tour, you’ll be better prepared to smartly fill your cart.

Pantry Bootcamp: Half-hour workshop with a registered dietitian at your home. This no-excuses workshop is ideal for anyone who eats most of their meals at home. Find out which of your pantry staples needs to go, get suggestions on what to add, and learn how to organize your kitchen to promote healthy eating habits.

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corporate clients

Onsite Dietitian Visits: Bring a registered dietitian to your office for the day to help employees learn how to eat better, feel better, and work better.

Monthly Lunch and Learns: Inspire your employees with useful, practical information on key food and nutrition topics. (Suggestions: “Healthy Takeout – An Oxymoron?”; “The Snack Stash Drawer”; “An Ideal Breakfast”)

Meal and Snack Program Consultation: Optimize your food program by selecting a food assortment that promotes health.

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