Square Plate Solutions offers practical, digestible nutrition guidance that makes sense for your daily routine.

Eating nutritiously depends, quite simply, on the food we put in our mouths. What we eat is driven by many different factors – our mood, what’s available, who we’re with, how much time we have – the list goes on and on. Given all the other priorities in life, it’s no wonder that the best “diet” is the one that we can actually stick to regardless of what else may come our way.

When I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes 6 months ago, I was looking for help with my diet and for someone who would understand the South Asian diet and prescribe ways in which I can adapt and adopt new habits and changes to my diet without feeling deprived. Sheila has been that person who has been motivating me to change my lifestyle and habits. I used to think that I was eating healthy, but small suggestions from Sheila have helped me make significant shifts in my dietary habits and exercise routine resulting in my feeling more energetic, optimistic and overall healthy. It is wonderful to have a partner in Sheila who cares enough and gives that extra personal touch that you want to make the changes that she asks you to. Thank you, Sheila.

Radhika S.

Sheila was my nutritionist for several months, as I sought to eat better and lose some weight. She was a fantastic nutritionist! The program and recommendations she developed were customized for me, and driven by data that she analyzed on my current eating habits. Sheila worked with me every week to set achievable, appropriate food goals. I felt very accomplished when I hit them! Sheila is also very empathetic and understanding. As a health professional, I felt she truly listened to me and understood my needs. I feel so lucky to have her as a nutritionist, and would recommend her to everyone!

Rachel K.